The accounting industry is always evolving amid complex rules and regulations. These articles feature timely updates on a variety of accounting topics.

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Putting a Number on Employee Turnover

Employers spend countless hours and dollars recruiting good people. On the one hand, each new hire brings fresh strategic ideas, offers creative feedback,...

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Solving the Annuity Puzzle

Americans hold billions of dollars in annuities, yet they are widely misunderstood. Used properly, an annuity can serve valuable purposes in personal financial...

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Source: The College Board

The average total cost at private, non-profit four-year institutions reached $46,950 in the 2017–2018 school year, up from $45,370 a year ago. Those...

Tax Deadline3
February 16

Employers: Begin withholding income tax from the pay of any employee who claimed exemption from withholding in 2017 but did not give you a...

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Auditing Work in Progress

Financial statement auditors spend a lot of time evaluating how their clients report work in progress (WIP) inventory. Here is why this account...