The accounting industry is always evolving amid complex rules and regulations. These articles feature timely updates on a variety of accounting topics.

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Evaluating Cyberthreats

How much does a data breach cost? The average total cost of a data breach has risen to roughly $4 million, according to...

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Drawing Down Your Portfolio in Retirement

Retirees often need money from their investment portfolio if they have little or no earned income. For many seniors, tax-efficient withdrawals require two...

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Source: Bloomberg

By the end of 2015, U.S. automated financial services, known as robo-advisers, managed $50 billion in assets, up from $16 billion in 2014....

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Customization Comes to Target-Date Funds

According to Morningstar, target-date funds (TDFs) attracted nearly $70 billion in 2015. Another research firm, Cerulli Associates, has predicted that 88 percent of...