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Category: Fraud

A Solvency Opinion: How To Keep Debtors Honest

It can be stressful when you don’t know if your business will receive what a liquidating creditor owes it. Liquidating companies come by their financially distressed situations honestly, in most

What January Means For Retailers: Return Fraud

‘Return season,’ is here for many retailers. For them, a new year means customers returning unwanted holiday gifts for refunds or exchanges. Return season can be overwhelming for businesses if,

Find Out What Job Candidates Might Be Hiding

Reference checking company, Checkster, reports that 78% of job candidates misrepresent (or have considered misrepresenting) themselves during the hiring process.  In addition, ResumeLab, a career advice company, found that 56%

When A Valuation Professional Finds Fraud

Imagine you’ve got your eye on a business that seems like an attractive investment or acquisition target. It boasts strong earnings, competitive growth estimates, and a clean balance sheet. But

Preventing ‘Privileged User’ Fraud & Abuse

In most companies, employees need a user identity to access work-related hardware and software. Privileges to use certain applications or open certain files usually are provided to workers based on