The accounting industry is always evolving amid complex rules and regulations. These articles feature timely updates on a variety of accounting topics.

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Welcome to 21st Century Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountants are engaged for a wide variety of assignments, among them investigating fraud, auditing internal controls and quantifying damages associated with legal...

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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest with Auditors

A conflict of interest could impair your auditor’s objectivity and integrity and potentially compromise you company’s financial statements. That is why it is...

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Do Not Overlook Invisible Disabilities

When encountering the phrase “employee with a disability,” you might immediately envision a person with an obvious physical impairment. Even the internationally used...

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What Tax Records Can You Discard?

October 15 is the deadline for individual taxpayers who extended their 2019 tax returns. (The original April 15 filing deadline was extended this...