IT Consulting

Boosting Speed & Security

Is your IT infrastructure meeting your team’s needs or making their jobs harder? Is your customer service suffering due to an overloaded network or outdated software? IT can be one of your strongest assets or your biggest weaknesses. KPM can help you determine where you’re falling short and recommend cost-effective upgrades and safeguards. Ignoring IT problems or delaying fixes never ends well. Cut your losses by bringing in our team to assess your network and address cybersecurity threats.

What Are Your Pain Points?

At KPM Technology, we become your IT department. Managed IT services. Network consulting. Desktop and server sales and service. Disaster recovery and business continuity. Security and software products. Multiple services for a reasonable, fixed monthly fee. You’ll love the simplicity of working with KPMT.


The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) promotes growth in the IT industry through development of a highly skilled workforce. As a professional member, KPM has access to educational resources, and market-leading research.

Hardwired to help

Regardless of whether you’re facing urgent IT issues or planning for the future, KPM can help you make informed decisions that adhere to your budget. Let’s discuss which services are a good fit for you.