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Securely Access Your Files

Convenience. Confidentiality. Continuity. You deserve nothing less as a KPM client. That’s why we offer a secure portal for document transfer and a messaging tool that allows you to send and receive encrypted emails. Your privacy matters to us, and our systems are designed to protect it.

KPM Connect Portal

The relationship between you and your accountant hinges on the flow of information. You need to be able to easily access and share sensitive electronic files. The KPM Connect Portal gives you that ability—along with peace of mind that your data is secure. After setting up an account, you can log in anytime, anywhere through our website. With KPM Connect, you can view and print tax documents, exchange information, review bookkeeping files, enter payroll data, provide electronic employee paystubs, or monitor your company’s financial reports or your investment portfolio.

KPM Connect Portal Overview

Client Instructions to Upload to NetClient

E-Signature Process Overview

Mimecast Secure Messaging

Communicating with clients is a critical part of our job as advisors, which is why we use Mimecast Secure Messaging. Create an account and then confidently send and receive encrypted emails and attachments. We think you’ll love using this handy tool to stay in touch.

Client Instructions for Mimecast

SafeSend Returns

KPM utilizes this highly secure system to deliver and sign tax returns electronically. Once your return is completed, you’ll be able to securely review your tax return, easily view refunds and/or payments due, and quickly sign your e-file forms. SafeSend Returns is a convenient way to access your tax return at any time and print and/or forward it as you wish.

Client Instructions for SafeSend

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