Employee Benefit Plans

Replacing Deficiencies with Efficiencies

In a competitive job market, employee benefit plans give you a distinct edge in the quest for quality team members. If you don’t have a benefit plan or yours isn’t performing well, KPM can help you design a custom plan or improve your existing one. We also audit a range of plans, including defined benefit and contribution plans, ESOPs, and health and welfare plans. Our consultants can assist with IRS and DOL compliance, third-party administration, and investment strategies.

What's on Your Mind?

What Should I Look for in a Benefit Plan Auditor?

Experienced EBP auditors are familiar with benefit plan practices and operations, as well as the special auditing considerations and rules that apply. Your auditor should be knowledgeable about the areas outlined in our checklist.

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AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

As a member of the AICPA EBPAQC, KPM has access to a multitude of EBP audit engagement tools and aids. The EBPAQC also regularly publishes timely articles and hosts topical webinars on EBP best practices.

American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries

ASPPA is the premier national organization for retirement plan professionals. In addition to offering continuing education programs and products to members like KPM, ASPPA also advocates for advisory firms and their clients.

Let's talk benefits

Whether you need a full-scale EBP audit or some minor assistance with record keeping, we can help steer you in the right direction. The sooner we understand your needs, the sooner we can address them. Give us a shout.