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Matching Gifts Make Donations Twice As Sweet

According to non-profit consultant Double the Donation, almost 65% of U.S. companies offer matching gift programs to help boost their employees’ charitable giving power. Sadly, billions of dollars in corporate

What Charitable Givers Need To Know About Taxes

Although most charitable donors aren’t primarily motivated by potential tax breaks, they still need to know how donations affect their taxes. It’s important for your non-profit to educate them —

Need Extra Hands? Try Local Companies.

If your non-profit is trying to fulfill its mission with less volunteer help these days, you’re not alone. A December 2021 Gallop poll found that although donating to charity has

Time To Spring Clean Your Programming Lineup

Does your non-profit offer programs that may have started out promising but have become disappointing? Do you have replacement programs in mind but haven’t yet secured funding for them? Consider

Is Your Non-Profit On Track? Ask Your Clients.

Regularly asking clients for feedback about your non-profit and its services is essential to maintaining healthy relationships. But the practice also makes financial sense as you want to make sure