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Category: KPM Culture

#KPMAudit Celebration

Fun times at the #KPMAudit team celebration! Our #TeamKPM auditors have worked hard during their busy season, so we had to let them know how much they are appreciated! Thanks

#PartyWithKPM – Big Fun at Big Shots

#TeamKPM had a blast at our End-of-Year party at BigShots Golf Springfield MO! We enjoyed fun games, delicious food, and great friends – all the makings of a fantastic evening

Trailer Perk Coffee #TaxBreak

It’s peak #KPMTax season crunch time and we’re running on caffeine and, well, more caffeine! So, it’s always a welcome sight when a coffee truck comes to us! Thanks to

#TeamKPM FROYO #TaxBreak

There are normal days, and then there are FROYO days! #KPMCPAs enjoyed an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt #TaxBreak with all the flavors, toppings, and treats galore! #KPMTax season is here

#FatTuesday #TaxBreak at #KPMCPAs

It’s a time of celebration, feasts, and parades! You might have thought we were talking about #KPMTax season, but there is another holiday you may have heard of – it