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Demand Increases For ESG Attestations

Interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters has grown significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. And that momentum may continue under the Biden administration. Currently, about 90% of large public

Engaging In Customer-Focused Strategic Planning

When creating or updating your strategic plan, you might be tempted to focus on innovative products or services, new geographic locations, or technological upgrades. But, what about your customers? Particularly

Is Someone Stealing Your Company’s Secrets?

Corporate espionage has long been a threat for U.S. companies. Recently, intellectual property (IP) theft by foreign governments and organized crime gangs has grabbed headlines — for good reason. According

Going Concern Disclosures Today

With the COVID-19 pandemic well into its second year and planning in progress for the upcoming audit season, you may have questions about how to evaluate your company’s going concern

Take Care When Choosing Your Executor

Haste makes waste. Or, in the case of estate planning, it can lead to other problems and, possibly, financial loss. Notably, if you do not take enough time to choose

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