KPM is a highly experienced firm of CPAs and advisors that has served clients throughout Southwest Missouri for decades. As you may know, the accounting industry is always evolving amid complex rules and regulations. As a result, our firm publishes timely updates on a variety of accounting topics to help keep you informed. 

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Take a Shot at a SWOT Analysis

Many business owners have used strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analyses to frame their strategic planning. If you are looking to map...

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Portability in Estate Planning

The federal estate tax exemption for deaths in 2016 is $5.45 million. Married couples may be able to pass twice that amount—$10.9 million—to...

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Source: The College Board

Among students who began their studies full-time at a four-year institution in 2007, about 40 percent had completed bachelor’s degrees at their first...