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Estate Planning

Prepare For A New Year By Reviewing Your Estate Plan

Hopefully, you already have a sound estate plan in place to protect the interests of your heirs and reduce potential estate tax liability. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely in


Why Excess Benefit Transactions Are Prohibited

Emily was a dedicated board member of her community’s most prominent social-services charity. But her commitment to the cause and the non-profit’s programs didn’t prevent her from inadvertently violating the


Are You Ready For The Upcoming Audit Season?

An external audit is less stressful and less intrusive if you anticipate your auditor’s document requests. Auditors typically ask clients to provide similar documents year after year. They’ll accept copies


Tax Affecting & Valuing A Pass-Through Business

Most U.S. businesses operate as so-called “pass-through” entities, including partnerships, limited liability companies, and S corporations. For decades, the IRS and valuation professionals have been at odds over how to

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