Thank You, Sarah Lewis!

15 Aug Thank You, Sarah Lewis!

We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! We have to brag on the amazing Sarah Lewis! In early 2016, Sarah took on something HUGE – she became the organizer/operator extraordinaire of theĀ #KPMSponsored Westport Elementary Cents Of Pride ‘Westport Warehouse’. Every single thing Sarah does for the kiddos is with passion, care, and the utmost attention to detail. As a former elementary teacher, she wants every kiddo to have an amazing experience that is happy and positive (and get some awesome goodies, too)!

Cents Of Pride is a truly wonderful program that encourages students’ good behavior and allows them to earn ‘Wildcat Cash’ for things like good behavior and attendance. It’s hard to believe, but school starts soon – August 16th! And we need donation items! Help Sarah fill the shelves! Suggested donation items that you can bring to our office include: clothing, shoes, school supplies, games, toys, food, and hygiene items. From the entireĀ #TeamKPM, thank you for your commitment and everything you do, Sarah! Thank you to the other #KPMCPAs’ spouses and volunteers for all you do, too! #KPMCARES