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Category: Assurance

Did You Know QuickBooks Has Fraud Detection Tools?

Many organizations, including non-profits, use QuickBooks® as a cost-effective solution to manage their accounting processes. However, the software’s capabilities extend beyond organizing and streamlining accounting needs. QuickBooks also can assist

Use Caution When Reporting Non-GAAP Metrics

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is generally considered the gold standard in financial reporting in the United States. However, private and public entities may sometimes use non-GAAP metrics in their

Avoid The Unknown: Gray Areas In Accounting

Accounting and auditing standards have come under scrutiny in the wake of recent high-profile bank failures. Investigations are currently underway trying to understand what went wrong with Silicon Valley Bank

Common Control Leases: Updated Accounting Rules

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) published narrowly drawn amendments to the lease accounting rules on March 27. The updated guidance clarifies relevant issues regarding rental agreements between businesses that

What Are Deferred Taxes?

Deferred taxes and the accompanying accounting rules for reporting these items can be very confusing to comprehend. Here’s a brief overview to help clarify the issue. What Are Deferred Taxes?