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Category: Assurance

How To Forecast Smarter

Forecasting key business metrics — such as sales demand, receivables, payables, and working capital — can help you reduce excess inventory and other overhead, offer competitive prices, and keep your

Reporting & Managing Inventory

Ineffective inventory management and reporting can result in bloated working capital and impaired business profits. In industries that rely on overseas suppliers, best practices for managing inventory may have recently

KPIs: What Are They & Which Ones Count?

Management needs timely, accurate feedback to guide operating decisions, anticipate problems, and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Unfortunately, comprehensive financial statements take a long time to generate. Reporting key performance

How To Account For Change Orders

Last-minute changes to contracts can be frustrating. But, if managed properly, they can sometimes provide an opportunity to boost profits. Here are ways construction companies, engineering firms, software developers, and

Digitizing The Accounts Receivable Process

While digitalization continues to take hold of the business world, the billing and collections functions for many organizations remain largely paper based. Businesses that automate the accounts receivable process may

Are You Ready For The Upcoming Audit Season?

An external audit is less stressful and less intrusive if you anticipate your auditor’s document requests. Auditors typically ask clients to provide similar documents year after year. They’ll accept copies

Use QOE Reports In Your Due Diligence Procedures

Are you thinking about merging with or acquiring a business? CPA-prepared financial statements can provide valuable insight into historical financial results. But an independent quality of earnings (QOE) report can

How To Assess Potential Fraud Risks

Auditing standards require external auditors to consider potential fraud risks by watching out for conditions that provide the opportunity to commit fraud. Unfortunately, conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic may have