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HR Checklist: Are There Gaps In Your HR Function?

As a small to mid-sized organization, you may not need a full-time employee dedicated solely to human resources (HR) functions. That doesn’t mean, however, you don’t need elements of HR or have HR needs. A proactive approach to implementing and educating your workforce on HR functions can help establish expectations and foster a positive culture.

KPM Human Capital Solutions can help organizations in the small to mid-sized space meet their strategic HR needs and plan and implement HR solutions that work for you. Review the list of HR must-haves below, and let us know how we can help.

Employee Handbook – Conveys your organization’s mission, policies, benefits, dress code, and overall expectations; a key element in helping employees understand your commitment to them and rules and guidelines that should be followed to be a successful member of your team

Compliance Standards – Understanding compliance expectations for an organization of any size can be daunting; examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping ensure employees are properly classified under the Fair Labor Standards Act (exempt vs non-exempt)
  • Meeting employee needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act and when it is applicable
  • Compensable time standards for non-exempt (hourly) employees

Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies – To remain competitive, having a plan to recruit and retain talent is no longer optional; beyond compensation, organizations need to take a serious look at what makes them attractive as an employer and how to keep their existing talent engaged and retained

Job Descriptions – A must-have for a variety of reasons; they are useful as a recruitment tool, helping to establish expectations for current employees and aiding with the ADA interactive process and should include common sense language to explain the tasks, duties, function, and responsibilities of a position

Onboarding – Beyond the first day of employment and required paperwork, an effective onboarding strategy immerses employees into the culture and makes them proud of the decision they made to join your organization

Offboarding – A smooth and coordinated transition will help ensure voluntary terminations leave as proud alumni who continue to serve as advocates for your company; implementing exit interviews will help gather important information to assist in retention efforts

Contact Sara Choate, Managing Director of Human Capital Solutions, for assistance, and download our HR Checklist to see if there are gaps in your HR function.

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