Is it Time to Get Accountable with Your Employees’ Expenses?

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08 Feb Is it Time to Get Accountable with Your Employees’ Expenses?

Many companies start out, and get pretty far down the road, using the ‘per diem’ approach when reimbursing employees for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. Doing so involves the use of either IRS tables or a simplified high-low method to reimburse workers up to specified limits.

The per diem approach is relatively simple and does not involve too much record keeping. But, it also puts businesses at risk if they exceed the per diem limits, exposing them to IRS penalties and employees to higher tax liability. For this reason, companies often reach a point where they create an ‘accountable plan’ for handling employee expense reimbursements.

Reaping the tax advantages

An accountable plan is a formal arrangement to advance, reimburse or provide allowances for business expenses. The primary advantage is that your business can deduct expenses (subject to a 50percent limit for meals and entertainment), and employees can usually exclude 100 percent of advances or reimbursements from their incomes. Workers whose jobs involve frequent travel may realize significant tax savings.

Qualifying for eligibility

To qualify as ‘accountable’ under IRS rules, your plan must meet the following criteria:

  • It must pay expenses that would otherwise be deductible by the employee
  • Payments must be for ‘ordinary and necessary’ business expenses such as airfare & lodging charges
  • Employees must substantiate these expenses — including amounts, times, & places — ideally at least monthly
  • Employees must return any advances or allowances they cannot substantiate within a reasonable time, typically 120 days

If you fail to meet these conditions, the IRS will treat your plan as nonaccountable, transforming all reimbursements into wages taxable to the employee, subject to income and employment taxes — though potentially deductible by the employee.

Getting some help

Accountable plans take time to establish and require meticulous record keeping. Let us help. We would be happy to assist you in setting up your accountable plan and regularly reviewing its compliance with IRS rules.