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Tag: Valuation

How Valuators Use Visual Aids

Business valuation professionals who serve as expert witnesses in court face two daunting tasks: First, they must capture the attention of a judge or jury. Then, they need to make

Putting A Price Tag On Intangible Assets

Intangible assets — such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks — are essential to the operations of many companies, but they’re rarely reported on the balance sheet. And even when they’re

Valuing LLC Profits Interest Awards

Limited liability companies (LLCs) sometimes award employees and contractors a unique form of equity-based compensation known as “profits interests.” These interests aren’t actively sold on a public market, so a

Valuators Know How To Evaluate Compensation Levels

Reasonable (or replacement) owners’ compensation can be a hot button during IRS audits, divorces, shareholder disputes, and other litigation matters involving the value of a private business. What’s appropriate depends