HR Checklist: Need Help With Your Employee Handbook?

Does your organization have an #EmployeeHandbook? Have you reviewed your employee handbook recently? If your answer is ‘no’ to either question, this #HR #WednesdayWisdom from Sara Choate is for you.

Your employee handbook needs to outline the necessary rules and guidelines to be a successful member of the organization’s team. It communicates your commitment to employee success. Your handbook should include your organization’s:

  • Mission
  • Policies
  • Benefits
  • Dress code
  • Professional expectations

If you need a fresh set of eyes to review your existing handbook or want to create one from scratch, send us a message. We can help you develop policies and incorporate best practices.

Download our #HR checklist for more HR necessities. #HumanResources #HRConsulting #KPMNews

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