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Is Your Non-Profit Ready to Hire New Staffers?

According to the 2017 Non-Profit Employment Practices Survey by human resources (HR) consultant Nonprofit HR, charities are hiring at a faster pace than for-profit companies. Of the non-profits surveyed, 50% reported they would add staffers, compared to 40% of for-profit businesses.

Yet plenty of non-profits are still hesitating to add employees to the payroll. If your organization is on the sidelines but thinking about hiring in the near future, the following three questions can help you decide:

  1. Do you need employees? Although this may seem like an obvious question, it is not necessarily. Even if you plan to expand services and introduce new programs, volunteers may be capable of picking up the slack. Or current staffers may be underused on projects that are stagnating or winding down. Carefully examine your non-profit’s priorities and consider eliminating programs that are not meeting expectations, so you can redeploy human resources where you need them most.
  2. Do you have the money? Many non-profits are experiencing a rebound in financial support to prerecession levels. Even if you are flush, the fact remains that non-profits are obligated to be careful financial stewards. Donors, watchdog groups, and the media demand it. So, consider how you will make the most of any new staffing budget before you spend it.
  3. Is outsourcing an option? Remember that, when you hire full-time employees, the expense is not limited to salaries or hourly wages; you also will be paying for benefits. In many cases, it is cheaper to outsource functions, particularly accounting, information technology, and HR work. Outsourcing offers the additional benefit of being temporary if you are not happy with the vendor. Underperforming employees are much harder to let go.

These are only a few questions to ask before deciding to hire new employees. The important thing is to share the decision. Consult your organization’s managers and board members and contact us for more information.

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