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Three Ideas for Recruiting Non-Profit Volunteers

Most charitable non-profits have a never-ending need for volunteers. Finding new ones can be time-consuming, and volunteer searches are not always successful. Here are three recruitment ideas that can help.

  1. Look nearby

Is your non-profit familiar to businesses, residents, and schools in the surrounding community? People often are drawn to volunteer because they learn of a worthwhile organization that is located close to where they live or work.

Make the effort to get to know your neighbors by performing an inventory of the surrounding area. Perhaps there is a large apartment building you have never paid much attention to. Consider the people who live there to be potential volunteers. Likewise, if there is an office building nearby, learn about the businesses that occupy it. Their employees might have skills, such as website design or bookkeeping experience, that perfectly match your volunteer opportunities.

Once you have identified some good outreach targets, mail or hand-deliver literature introducing your non-profit as a neighbor and describing your needs. Consider inviting your neighbors to a celebration or informational open house at your offices.

  1. Fine-tune your pitch

By making your pitches as informative and compelling as possible, you are more likely to inspire potential volunteers to action. Specifically, explain the:

  • Types of volunteer jobs currently available
  • Skills most in demand
  • Times when volunteers are needed
  • Rewards and challenges your volunteers might experience

When possible, incorporate photographs of volunteers at work along with their testimonials. Also, make it easy for people to take the next step by including your contact information or directing them to your website for an application.

  1. Reach out to your network

Develop a system for keeping those closest to your organization — major donors, board members, and active volunteers — informed of your volunteer needs. These individuals often are influential in their communities, so a request from them is more likely to gain attention. They may even frame a request for assistance in the form of a challenge, with the solicitor being the first to volunteer their time or funds, of course.

Remain in pursuit

No matter how precise or thorough your initial recruiting efforts, remember that one-time or sporadic efforts are insufficient to attract a steady supply of volunteers. To get the resources you need, make volunteer recruitment a continuous process that draws on several strategies.

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