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Three Summertime Marketing Ideas For 2022

You can’t stop it; you can only hope to use it to your best business advantage. That’s right, summer is on the way and, with it, a variety of seasonal marketing opportunities for small to midsize companies. Here are three ideas to consider.

1. Support Summer Camps & Local Sports
Soon, millions of young people will be attending summer camps, both the ‘day’ and ‘overnight’ variety. Do research into local options and see whether your business can arrange a sponsorship. If the cost is reasonable, you can get your name and logo on camp t-shirts and other items, where both campers and their parents will see them nearly every day for weeks.

Look into using the same strategy with summer sports. Baseball teams sponsored by local businesses are a time-honored tradition that can still pay off. There might be other, similar options as well.

2. Attend Outdoor Festivals Or Other Public Events
The warmer months mean parades, carnivals, outdoor musical performances, and other spectacles of summertime bliss. Investigate the costs and logistics of setting up a booth with clear, attention-grabbing signage. Give out product samples or brochures to inform attendees about your company. You might also hand out small souvenirs, such as key chains, pens, or magnets with your contact info.

And don’t just stay in the booth — dispatch employees into the crowd. Have staff members walk around outdoor events with samples or brochures. Just be sure to train them to be friendly and nonconfrontational. If appropriate, employees might wear distinctive clothing or even costumes or sandwich boards to draw attention.

3. Heat Up Your Social Media Strategy
You probably knew this one was coming! For many, if not most, businesses today, using some form of social media to get the word out and interact with customers is a necessity. But hammering the same message 365 days a year isn’t likely to pay off. Tailor your social media strategy to celebrate summer and inspire interaction.

For example, launch a summertime travel photo contest. Come up with a catchy hashtag, preferably involving your company name, and invite followers to share pics from their summer vacation spots. Offer a nominal prize or enticing discount for the top three entries.

Alternatively, look around for some charitable events or activities that you, your leadership team, and employees could participate in this summer. Post a narrative and pictures on your social media channels.

Make The Most Of Midyear
As people head outside and on summer trips, raising awareness of your brand could mean a bump in sales and strong midyear revenues. We can help you assess the costs of potential marketing strategies and measure the return on investment of any you pursue.

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